Friday, May 2, 2014

Library Advice 101

Believe it or not but people tend to think that libraries are boring places.  With almost ten years of professional library experience under my belt I can confidently tell you that is completely untrue!  Ask any friendly library worker and they will tell you the same thing.  Remember folks, it's a public building and unless a person is doing something blatantly illegal we can't tell them to leave. 
We are a warming center, a cooling center, a place for the jobless and destitute, and act as a dry bar every day.  But we also are the maker of dreams, computer gurus, family time creators, program developers, and distributor of books.  Books will take you anywhere, anytime.  Allow you to meet anyone from anytime.  Make your greatest fears and joys come to life.  Show you how to cook the best food, make the best crafts, and learn how to pass every test imaginable.
The library is the center of the community.  We are more than just books.  And we are available to every single person in our town.  You are never too poor or too rich or too black or too white or too whatever to walk through the doors and use all of our services.

With all of that in mind I want to draw light to some of the more humorous happenings in the library world while also encouraging all of us to love and respect what the library offers.

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