Friday, May 2, 2014

30 Day Challenge...Things you shouldn't do with a library book

Day 2 and number 4 on my list

Put on your seat belts because we're traveling back in time.

Let's talk hieroglyphs.  Ancient Egyptians used them.  Kids have fun using them in grade school (trust me, my kids have been writing in hieroglyphs for the past three weeks!).  And older, well seasoned adults use them on the back of large print books.  Honestly I'm not sure how they decide who gets what symbol.  And honestly I know how frustrating it is to get 3/4 of the way through a book only to realize that you've already read it.  But honestly marking the back (or inside front cover, or inside back cover, or title page) with your symbol so you know if you've read it?  Part of me says that it's genius.  The other part that has tried so scrub those symbols off?  Well, pen doesn't really come off of books.

Isn't there another way elderly patrons?  A journal or notebook?

And really, how do you decide who gets what symbol?  Is there a secret annual meeting where symbols are assigned?  And what if two of you have the same symbol and your both missing out on some amazing books because you think (based on your symbol) that you've already read it?

So many questions your friendly library workers have, so many questions.

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